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The Sims 3 Generations release date

Mixed or average reviews – based on 22 Critic Reviews What’s this? Generally unfavorable reviews – based on 88 Ratings. See all 22 Critic Reviews. See all 9 User Reviews.

: The Sims 3: Generations – Expansion Pack PC/Mac: Video Games. tree-houses and the reintroduction of official “dating” spice up your sims lives.

The Sims games have traditionally received two types of add-ons: “stuff” packs that give fans new items like decor and apparel, and full expansions that add brand new gameplay elements. The Sims 3: Generations is an awkward middle child, granting you more than just hairstyles and new chairs but none of the inventiveness found in previous expansions like World Adventures and Ambitions.

This addition is a pleasant extension of what The Sims 3 already does–not a game changer–and series addicts will undoubtedly enjoy how well Generations captures the essence of life’s individual milestones. Children get tree houses and playground equipment; teens learn to drive and go to prom; adults have midlife crises; and grumpy oldsters shoo away annoying kids with their canes.

These enhancements are subtly integrated into the main game, but they don’t have the overall impact of previous expansions. And that’s this expansion’s real problem: lack of impact. It’s nice to have new playthings, but at almost the cost of a whole new game, even the most dedicated devotees can probably do without these toys.

The Sims 3 Generations

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For the Sims there were titles such as Hot Date and House Party. For the Sims 3 there has been Late Night, which involves bars, hooking up.

Forum Activities: Aug. Register Here to get rid of ads when browsing the forum. Carl and Pam’s The Sims Forum. Please login or register. I wish I had one of those in my yard! That looks cool!

The Sims 3: Generations Review

Young Sims can now be punished for causing trouble around the house and throughout their neighborhood. Fighting with their siblings, missing school, and pulling pranks are just a few of the things that can get a Sim in trouble with their parents. Troublemakers will be scolded by an adult for most offenses, but the more trouble a Sim causes, the more severe the punishment will be.

I never played 1 or 2, but I thought we already have dating! My sims can have a gf​/bf and if I choose, they can date a while, go out to the movies.

In The Sims 3: Generations , each life state had a theme. If the quarterly teaser is any indication, so will Sims 4: Family. A Generations -style game pack has been at the center of conversation in community forums a very long time. Players want chest hair and swings and sandboxes and a bunk bed and canes for old people and wild pranks and military school and teens sneaking out of the house. Oh, and did I say spiral stairs? Events like school dances, prom nights, high school graduations, teen house parties, slumber parties for kids, school field trips, daycare and boarding school options would bring a lot of gameplay to individual life states that are lacking–children, teens, and elders in particular.

For adults, the mid-life crisis feature was always fun and in Generations. We need that generational gameplay, family goals and rewards to truly enjoy the experience of watching a family grow, age up, and die naturally. Plus, Generations added woohing in treehouses and in the shower. Can’t get much better than that. Reviews for Generations ultimately said the pack lacked impact and inventiveness, more so expanding on existing features.

The Sims 3 Generations lessons

It’s called The Sims 3 Generations and will be released on 3rd June. As a child you “goof around” with imaginary friends and play in tree houses. As a teen you got to the prom, play pranks and probably try to mask spontaneous erections during history lessons. And as an adult you “ride the wave of freedom”, throwing parties, weddings and having wonderfully embarrassing mid-life crises.

Getting married in The Sims 3 is a joyous occasion for both you and your Sims! flirting with other Sims, as it will hurt your relationship with your steady date. T Generations expansion pack adds many marriage-related options and items.

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Sims 3: Generations: the kids are alright

Wish List. The Sims 3: Generations Release Dates. The Sims 3: Generations Rating: Teen. Genre: Simulation.

Buy The Sims 3 Date Night – Wanna go out but nothing to wear? Sims 3 – Date Night requires the full version of Sims 3 The Sims 3 – Generations (Addon).

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