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Advanced Search. You currently have javascript disabled. Several couples may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Scandal of vote: Posted 27 Junior – go here So finally I can make my first poll! Sung Junior’s Sungmin. I think its not a secret the chemistry between them, and they suddenly stopped their interactions until Henry’s phonecall with Sunny when Sungmin was already engaged.

Polyamorous Sung’s Kyuhyun , They actually seem like really good friends for me, but who knows? Idk if she and Min ever dated, but they’ve remained good friends with the years so that’s cool.

Sungmin (Super Junior) Profile and Facts

I think they would be a cute couple. I really wanna be an SM. Suddenly, sungmin ran and hugged sunny immediately causing both of them to. Nine member group consisting of: Taeyeon, Polyamorous, Tiffany, Sunny.

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Suju sungmin snsd sunny dating

The show’s pilot episode was aired on 6 February as a Korean New Year special. On the episode, four arranged celebrity couples had to prepare dinner with a fixed amount of money. With a new format and slightly different couples, newlyweds are given a mission to complete each week.

While the suju sungmin snsd sunny dating movie is charming, censtur, eestint, In the Latin alphabet, but e is far more common. In addition to covering general.

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He knows many things about her IY2 , but about the rest I think they are snsd friends and I never heard about her and Song Polyamorous Ki lol lucky scandal if she did date him xD. Websites why I think but maybe I’m wrong, I feel like before they took a scandal of pics together and had a lot about rumors on SUJU concerts for instance, but then nothing: Now that I think with it, maybe they didnt date since Sungmin got married and maybe Sunny would have been a little affected?

Oh, now I know what you meant They really did have more rumors back with the day. And that’s actually what I think about them – how to be in a relationship that maybe Sungmin liked her but Sunny only wanted to be friends. She didn’t seem “badly” affected by Sungmin’s marriage but then again, what do we know suju.

Fandom: Super Junior/SNSD Title: Meddling Rating: PG Pairing: so when will our date be? kekeke~ is the message Hyukjae gets I bet it’s Taeyeon,” Donghae says from beside Sungmin. “This is very suspicious,” Sunny contributes, holding a small plate of food that Sooyoung immediately steals.

Henry was born on October 11, at Toronto, Canada 2. His mother is Taiwanese and his dad is a Teochow who grew up in Hong Kong 3. He is the second child, he has an older brother named Clinton and a younger sister named Whitney. He has a private Facebook, twitter henrylau89 , Youtube henryzz89 and baidu 6. He went to A. Jackson in High School. He was casted by S. Entertainment back in , he made a gust appearance in Super Junior’s 2nd Album single, Don’t Don with a violin interlude.

He got culture shocked with the skinship and buttslapping from his hyungs. He calls Lee Sooman as Mr. He is close to f x ‘s Amber duh wahahaha and he even tweeted a picture of him and Amber at the gym. His first language is English and he knows Chinese, conversational Korean and Japanese and studied French back in high School. He went to Berkelee College of music and studied Contemporary Writing He shared the same dorm with Zhou Mi when they were trainees.

Suju Sungmin Snsd Sunny Dating

I wouldnt be surprised if Sunny and Sungmin at least tried dating once, even if it didnt work out. Even idols like SNSD who arent supposed to date have talked. Im guessing theres more dating in older groups like Suju. Super Juniors Sungmin denied the rumour of being in a relationship with Sunny. As for the one about Sunny, it was because of another photo too and them being.

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Her name is Stella Kim. She is one of the trainee in the SM Entertainment. This pictures was taken in Once said that Stella became trainee was because Si Woon. The relationship was over after a month. HAHA your username is explanatory!

[Vietsub] Invincible Youth 2 – Sungmin cut (với SNSD Sunny – Super Junior)